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Tax Tips and Updates Newsletter

The Tax and Business Alert is designed to provide accurate information regarding the subject matter covered. However, before completing any significant transactions based on the information contained herein, please contact us for advice on how the information applies in your specific situation.

April 2012

50% Disallowance Rule for Meals and Entertainment

Tax Calendar

Taxpayer Advocate's Report

IRS Reopens Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Roth IRAs for Kids

Tax Ramifications of Owning a Second Home

March 2012

How Working Impacts Social Security

Standard Mileage Rates for 2012

Tax Planning Following a Job Loss

Reporting Foreign Financial Assets

Employing Children in an Unincorporated Business

February 2012

Head of Household Filing Status

Capital Gains and Losses

The Unearned Income Medicare Contribution

Avoid Gift Treatment for Large Medical Expenses

Taxable or Nontaxable Income?

Selecting a C Corporation's Tax Year

January 2012

Operating a Business as an LLC

Tax Calendar

Higher Education Costs Continue to Escalate

Receiving Social Security Benefits before Full Retirement Age

2012 Retirement Contribution and Other Limitations


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